Politics & Policy

Community College’s Resettlement Efforts Draw Ire of Conservative Activists

This isn’t the only group that has sprung up in light of the influx of upcoming refugees. Earlier this month, Twin Fal... Full Story

Dateline Washington


A summary listing of colleges and institutions receiving grants and gifts

West Virginia Northern Community College President Vicki L. Riley, center, accepts a donation for Petroleum Technology p... Full Story

faculty spotlight

A Listing of Faculty Activities at Colleges from Around the Nation

There’s a familiar face, but new game plan in store for the building construction program at North Platte Community Co... Full Story

Campus Life

A look at campus life at various community and junior colleges

College students in Georgia and Brazil will soon be able to take advantage of additional reciprocal educational and trai... Full Story

APPOINTMENTS: Higher-ed leaders who have been recently appointed or promoted

including as executive vice president of Guilford Technical Community College and interim president at Mayland and Roano... Full Story

Educator Honors

A summary listing of colleges receiving institution and individual honors and awards

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secure, portable device to quickly administer medicine to those in need, while simultaneously recording where and by who... Full Story
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