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By Paul Bradley  /  
2014 November 10 - 01:20 pm

Coming Nov. 24: STEM Education is Falling Short

How Community Colleges are Integrating the Humanities into STEM Instruction

 There is little doubt the importance of STEM education today.  From the K-12 system and post-secondary institutions to business, industry and government, most everyone is focused on, or at least has something to say, about STEM education as a key solution to improve educational performance and solve the persistent workforce development problems that plague our nation. But a growing body of thought suggests that policymakers and educators are missing the point in today’s approach to STEM. Despite all of the resources being invested in it, STEM education is falling short, with the number of students going into STEM disciplines stagnating. Why? Well, like the STEM acronym itself, today’s approach it doesn't inspire, energize or engage the youth whom it is ultimately intended to benefit. What is missing from traditional STEM approaches is what has always been one of the keys to American progress — creativity. After all, disciplines such an engineering an art were not always so separate. Leonardo da Vinci managed to combine the two. That’s why a growing number of colleges are weaving art and other liberal arts disciplines into STEM instruction. At the recent STEMTech conference in Denver, several sessions were devoted to showing how community colleges are integrating the humanities into STEM instruction as a way of demonstrating relevance and sparking creativity. We take a look at what some of the colleges are doing and talk to folks at STEMTech

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