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By Paul Bradley  /  
2008 August 12 - 12:00 am

POV: Taking the Reins

Changes are afoot at Community College Week.

After working for roughly two years as the publication’s associate editor, I have received a promotion – I am succeeding Jamilah Evelyn as editor.

She will be staying on, becoming editor of a more robust point-of-view page. Together, we are hoping to make CCWeek an essential read for anyone interested in the community college movement.

The past two years have been a learning process for me, and one that was needed. 

My background is in not in education, but in daily newspaper journalism. Though I have considerable experience writing about schools, consider myself to be no expert. Rather, I am a student, interested in learning all I can about a dynamic and changing field.

Some context: During a 30-year career, I have worked as a reporter and an editor for newspapers in Virginia, Connecticut, Arizona and Massachusetts, the latter being where I grew up.

I come from a family of journalists, getting my first exposure to the news business tagging along with my father, an award-winning photographer, as he plied his trade in an around Boston.

Just as that experience inspired me to become a journalist, my job at CCWeek has engendered an appreciation and admiration for community colleges and their essential and growing role in the country’s higher education system. I have been impressed by their commitment to access and equity, their nimbleness in responding to needs of their communities and their belief that any student can succeed.

I have been equally moved by the leaders who have devoted themselves to community colleges, and hope to tell some of their stories on these pages in the coming months.

Yet community colleges can and must do better. American economic competitiveness depends on it. At CCWeek, we’ll be chronicling the efforts to make community colleges more responsive and more accountable to their broad constituencies.

Most of all, I want to develop and nurture a relationship with our readers. Good journalism is a two-way street. I’d like readers to share their knowledge, ideas and expertise. I want readers to tell us when we have succeeded and when we have fallen short. 

I look forward to the conversation. I can be reached at editor@ccweek.com.                                                                           

— Paul Bradley

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