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2019 January 6 - 08:18 am

CCSSE | Center for Community College Student Engagement

The Center for Community College Student Engagement, a service and research initiative of the Program in Higher Education Leadership at The University of Texas at Austin, provides important information about effective educational practice in community colleges. The Center assists institutions and other stakeholders in using data to inform discussions that can lead to increased student success, and in doing so has established itself as a leading voice in community college improvement efforts.

Member colleges — those that have administered the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and/or the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) — represent over 80 percent of public, associate-degree granting institutions in the United States. Since its launch in 2001, the Center has surveyed nearly 3 million students over 900 community and technical colleges, cumulatively representing a total credit enrollment of 6.4 million students.

In conjunction with CCSSE, the Center also offers to colleges the ability to capture the faculty voice through its Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE), which over the years has collected about 140,000 individual responses from 558 colleges.

Each of these surveys collects data from a particular perspective, and together they provide a comprehensive understanding of educational practices on community college campuses and how these practices influence students’ experiences. All are research-based tools appropriate for multiple uses, such as benchmarking and accreditation. The Center recently released new accreditation guides to help colleges use their survey results to respond to criteria from each of the six U.S. accrediting regions. Similarly, the new Pathways Toolkits map student engagement items to important dimensions of the Pathways Model. t

Online registration is now open for the 2019 surveys. Colleges that administer CCSSE in spring of 2019 will receive free additional survey items focused on Guided Pathways! For more information, please visit www.cccse.org.

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