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2015 September 27 - 12:19 am

FAST FACTS 1: Latinos in Community Colleges

A Look at Enrollment, Academic Preparation, Institutions. educational Attainment



In Fall 2012, Latinos were the second-highest group enrolled in community colleges. Hispanics were 20% of the student body enrolled in community colleges, while Whites represented 54%, African Americans 15%, and Asians 6%.

Hispanic students in U.S. higher education were disproportionately enrolled in 2-year institutions. In 2012, almost half of Hispanics in higher education were enrolled in community colleges (46%) or private 2-year institutions (3%).

Latinos were more likely to enroll in community colleges than all other groups. In 2012, 46% of Latinos in higher education were enrolled in community colleges, compared to African American (34%), Asian (32%), and White (31%).


More than half of Latino students at 2-year colleges needed remediation. Of students who started at a 2-year college in 2006, 58% of Latinos needed remediation, compared to African Americans (68%) and Whites (47%).


Latinos enrolled in community colleges were concentrated in two locations. In 2012-13, 62% of Latinos enrolled in a community college attended an institution in California or Texas.

Over two-thirds of all Latino students at 2-year institutions enrolled at a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), In 2012-13, 2-year HSIs (193 institutions) represented 18% of all 2-year institutions. These HSIs enrolled 69% of all Latino undergraduates who attended 2-year institutions.


Over the last ten years, more Latinos earned an associate degree as the highest degree earned, compared to a bachelor’s degree. From 2004- 2013, for those who earned an associate degree as their highest degree, Latinos increased 78%, while bachelor degrees as highest degree earned by Latinos increased 65%.

The top three disciplines where Latinos earned associate degrees were liberal arts (38%), health professions (16%), and business (12%). The majority of degrees earned in these fields of study have remained consistent over the past ten years for Latinos.


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