2017 July 21 - 08:18 am

Immigration Foe Demands that AG Sue Board of Regents

(AP) — A former Arizona lawmaker known as the driving force behind most of the state’s toughest immigration laws is moving to challenge the university system for temporarily allowing young immigrants protected from deportation to keep paying lower-cost in-state tuition.
2017 July 21 - 08:18 am

Measure Removes Time Limit for Vets To Claim Benefits

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans and Democrats have reached initial agreement on the biggest expansion of college aid for military veterans in a decade, removing a 15-year time limit to tap into benefits and boosting money for thousands in the National Guard and Reserve.
2017 July 21 - 08:18 am

Higher-Ed Leaders Who Have Been Recently Appointed or Promoted

Prior to joining FSW, she served as director of the Frances Pew Hayes Center for Lifelong Learning at Hodges University and Care Manager for My Care Manager. In both positions, she was successful advancing the lives of members and developing relations with community leaders.
2017 July 21 - 08:18 am

A Summary Listing of Honors and Awards at Colleges Around the Nation

and two younger sons — one 13, the other 5. In fact, it was the youngest heading off to pre-K that gave her space to pursue the high school equivalency she always wanted to achieve. “I decided to do this while my last one was in pre-K and nothing was holding me back from doing it,” she says, recounting the decision that led her to this moment.
2017 July 21 - 08:18 am

Surveys Document Large Numbers of Homeless College Students

DETROIT (AP) — Jennifer Carr knows she’s not the profile of a typical college student. The Detroit-area woman is 37 and has battled alcohol and heroin addiction. She’s also been homeless in the past and even now is categorized as someone who is precariously housed.
2017 July 21 - 08:18 am

A Summary Listing of Grants and Gifts at Colleges Around the Nation

Objectives of the program are to improve academic performance (GPA and standardized test scores), secondary school retention and graduation, completion of rigorous secondary school program of study, postsecondary enrollment, and postsecondary completion.
2017 July 21 - 08:18 am

Del Mar College Forges Alliance With School Districts To Meet Workforce Needs

know that, with the right certifications and two-year technical degrees, chances are good they’ll be hired by the refineries, petrochemical plants and other industrial facilities in the area, where starting salaries may range from $60,000 to $70,000 per year.
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

Wisconsin College Leads Nation’s Child Protection Training

Operation Broken Heart IV, a massive effort to investigate and arrest child predators and promote cyber security and safety education, culminated with the arrest of more than 1,000 people on charges ranging from possession of child pornography to online solicitation of a minor.
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

Concrete Workshop Designed To Fit Work Workforce Needs

Of the eight students, some came from the Bristol Station Residential Reentry Center, a program for those transitioning out of the prison system. Other students are now on parole or are simply unemployed and looking for a new trade..
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

Population Growth, Jobs in Nearby States Strain State’s Nurse Supply

In contrast, south-central Idaho is seeing a surplus of nurses who provide basic medical care in hospitals and nursing homes because of the College of Southern Idaho’s program that produces licensed practical and vocational nurses. For example, the college produced 47 licensed.
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

A Summary Listing of Higher-Ed-Related News from Around The Nation

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — A former Lincoln Lane Community College employee has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for taking almost $700,000 from the college..
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

Funding Program Named after Former RI Senator Targeted for Large Cuts

Trump’s $4.1 trillion budget proposal generally makes deep cuts in safety net programs, including Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Social Security’s disability program. The White House has said its budget would put the country back on track for a healthy economy.
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

A Look at Campus Life at Various Community and Junior Colleges

High school students are getting the opportunity to explore health sciences at three higher learning institutions and a local medical center. East Central Alabama Area Health Education Center is hosting its second annual health careers enrichment program known as Medi-Camp.
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

A Summary Listing of Faculty Activities at Colleges Around the Nation

Peyré, who holds a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Toulouse, has led his students in virtual video conference exchanges with DCCC students for more than a decade. “The world is now interconnected like never before.
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

Average Annual Cost To Exceed $3,000 for First Time

Each of the independently governed colleges will raise tuition, even though some schools traditionally have increased tuition every other year. Colleges started the current budget with $265 million in state funding, but after a series of cuts will start next year with $237 million.
2017 July 10 - 04:44 pm

Trump’s Proposed 50 Percent Cut Would Affect 300,000 Students

“Broadly speaking, it’s going to make it more difficult for students and their parents to afford college,” said Daniel T. Madzelan, assistant vice president at the American Council on Education. “It’s pretty clear that this administration is cutting on the discretionary domestic side for fund increases on the defense side of the budget.

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

helps students. College students who enroll in 15 credits in their first semester, and 30 credits a year, accumulate mor... Full Story

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