2017 August 13 - 12:32 pm
League for Innovation in the Community College is pleased to announce that the 2018 Innovations Conference will be held March 18-21, in National Harbor, Maryland (just 8 miles south of Washington D.C.). All conference events will take place at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

American Honors Relies On Advisers To Help Students Succeed

hear the students enrolled in the American Honors program tell it, there is one overarching reason for its early success in helping promising community college students reach lofty academic goals, including transferring to elite four-year universities.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

Rules Aimed at Boosting College, Workforce Readiness

The state Board of Education has proposed new graduation requirements for freshmen starting in the 2018-19 academic year that would let Mississippi’s high school students earn academic or career and technical endorsements along with their traditional diplomas.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

Higher-Ed Leaders Who Have Been Recently Appointed or Promoted

In this role, Grant is responsible for leading and administering all aspects of the division, including the design, delivery, staffing, administrative support, and supervision of all division academic programs. Grant earned a B.A. in international relations and business administration from the University of San Diego and an M.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

Bass Fishing Booster Club Provides $500 Scholarship

The 2017 Momence High School graduate received a $500 scholarship through the school’s bass fishing booster club. The yearly scholarship goes to a senior on the team who exhibits strong academic standing, as well as dedication to community service and environmental protection, along with fishing skills.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

Out-of-State Students Can Get Basic Care on Campus

She had many questions about how this could work for her, a 41- year-old mother returning to school. One of her biggest hangups was how she could live on campus and receive insulin medication for her diabetes and other counseling services she received back home at an Indian Health Service facility.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

School Doesn’t Have Funds To Make Good on Promised Payments

The president and superintendent of what had been Wentworth Military Academy and College, Michael Lierman, told faculty members by email in May that they would continue to get paid “as normal” until their contracts expire. The school in Lexington — a town of about 4,700-residents, 50 miles east of Kansas City — closed 15 days later.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

Community College Professor Set Officer on Path to Law Enforcement Career

“By putting their own lives at risk, both officers worked as a team and were able to drag the unresponsive male to safety and then administered first aid,” Chimento said. “The homeowner has since made a full recovery. We at the Butler Police Department are proud of the actions of both these officers.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

Indiana University, Ivy Tech CC Partner on Mandela Fellows Program

on constitutional law, leadership and gender equality. They’re also involved with community service with other volunteers and groups around the city, such as the work at Butler Park. The group could also be seen walking in Bloomington’s Fourth of July parade.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

‘Last Chance U’ Chronicles EMCC's Football Team’s Travails

“When we were filming season two, every week there was somebody showing up, and frequently they were from overseas,” Whiteley said in a phone interview. “I remember there was this one couple from Scotland. They were on their honeymoon. There was another couple that came from Australia.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

A Summary Listing of Higher-Ed-Related News from Around The Nation

The second-floor space would be converted into 19 classrooms so the district could hold Life Academy and Career Academy courses there. Those courses now are spread out at all three high schools, Wester Iowa Tech Community College and the Ho-Chunk Centre downtown.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

A Look at Campus Life at Various Community and Junior Colleges

Suddenly appearing at the habitat gate were an ostrich and three zebra, curious as to what was going on. Although the zebra didn’t stick around, the ostrich supervised the work for quite some time. After completing the improvement to the first armature, the students enlisted the help of a couple of zoo workers and a forklift.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

A Summary Listing of Honors and Awards at Colleges Around the Nation

Deputy Director Tisha Hyter said Estes is “truly an inspiration” who has “engaged Iowans at an unprecedented level.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

A Summary Listing of Grants and Gifts at Colleges Around the Nation

educational goals, obtain certificates and degrees at CCD, and get workplace skills training to help them qualify for jobs in the fields of healthcare (hands-on and administrative), advanced manufacturing, information technology, graphic design, architecture, and others.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am

Adaptive Learning Technology Harnesses Power of Instruction

Gallup studies have revealed declining confidence among business leaders in today’s college graduates. Subject mastery, critical reasoning, and math and language skills, many believe, are in short supply among those moving from college to employment. At the same time, community college graduation rates nationally have remained low.
2017 August 13 - 12:32 am


Colleges and the communities they serve. RCCA also provides a network for peer learning through conferences, campus/-community visits, and technical assistance. Visit the website to view the schedule and to register or to become a sponsor or exhibitor www.

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