2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

‘Girls Who Code’ Aims To Close the High-Tech Gender Gap

Serena Perez-Takaya works on making a phone app simulation while attending Girls Who Code, a program at the Allen County Public Library's main branch in Fort Wayne, Ind. Girls Who Code is a national nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Proposal Would Waive Tuition for Many Community College Students

They’re calling their plan the most ambitious proposal in the country to reduce student loan debt. In addition to expanding financial aid for community college students, it would create $1.6 billion per year in new scholarships for students in the University of California and California State University systems.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

A Look at Campus Life at Various Community and Junior Colleges

Confucius Classroom enables the college to prepare our students for living and working in a global economy,” said CCCC President T. Eston Marchant, who brought the idea for the Classroom to the college when he became president in 2008. “It helps link our central North Carolina communities, governments, and businesses to China.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

A Summary Listing of Faculty Activities at Colleges Around the Nation

Beverly Fatherree. The two co-authored an English textbook called “For Our Students.” The book is sold at a low cost to students at a number of community colleges, and the two of them get no profits from the book. Hammons said in her Cowan Award address that nearly 5,000 Hinds Community College students.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Despite Squabbling, Community Colleges Get 6.7 Percent Funding Increase

Earlier this year, state budget writers settled on allocating the state’s three community colleges nearly $40 million, or a 6.7 percent funding boost for next fiscal year. Budget bills seldom change once making it out of the appropriations committee, but they still need the approval of the full House and Senate.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Higher-Ed Leaders Who Have Been Recently Appointed or Promoted

the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission, the Morgan County Boys and Girls Club, and Unity Morgan. Perriman’s board duties will include marketing the institution as a preferred college of choice and communicating ideas to the college president...
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

A Summary Listing of Honors and Awards at Colleges Around the Nation

According to Coleman, the TCC Student Union has become more than just a center of social activity and is now also a place where students can receive leadership training and engage with local nonprofits to strengthen the community and build their own skills.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Students Enrolled in High-Demand Fields To Benefit

JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) — Kyler Daniels has not yet graduated from Walnut Ridge High School, but the 19-year-old is already working as a certified nursing assistant. He has also earned needed certifications to work in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Tenn. Governor Emerges as Leader of Free College Movement

Liberals and conservatives remain divided about how much taxpayer money should go toward ensuring more people graduate college. But a critical shortage of skilled, qualified workers is building rare bipartisan consensus that government needs to push harder to educate today’s workforce.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Education Proposal Also Calls for Universal Access to Preschool

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan should make community college free for everyone and give merit-based scholarships to high school graduates who attend the state’s public universities, a commission formed by Gov. Rick Snyder said in a report that also recommends abolishing grade levels and instead advancing students only once they master content.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Governor Defends Proposal as Questions Grow Over Price Tag

“There’s only so much money that we have allocated,” said Rep. James McLaughlin, a Democrat who sits on the finance committee. “It’s a noble thing, a noble gesture, but how are you going to pay for it?” Another finance committee member, Democratic Rep. John.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

A Summary Listing of Grants and Gifts at Colleges Around the Nation

president of Gadsden State. Lavender said the bonds will be used to construct a new science building on the college’s East Broad Campus, an addition to the Cheaha Career Center on the Ayers Campus and renovations to Allen Hall on the Wallace Drive Campus.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Partnerships with Industry Clarify Career Pathways

A key economic factor that led to the election of Donald Trump is the decadeslong decline of U.S. manufacturing jobs and the subsequent displacement of thousands of workers concentrated in Midwestern and Rust Belt states. A cursory look at the electoral map reveals entire communities that were devastated by the loss of production work.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

A Summary Listing of Higher-Ed-Related News from Around The Nation

If state funding is approved, the building would be constructed downtown at what is now a city-owned parking lot near Portland State University. Besides PSU, the other schools chipping in are Oregon Health & Science University and Portland Community College.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Lawmaker Claims Colleges Are Shirking Responsibilities

“March Madness is kicking off and millions of eyes will be glued on every moment of drama and athleticism on the court, but shockingly, despite the billions of dollars that college sports generates nationally, nobody is watching out for the health and safety of the players,” Gonzalez Fletcher said.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

Grant from Appalachian Regional Commission Helps Displaced Workers

school to teach out-ofwork coal miners how to operate advanced computer numeric control machines is scheduled to open this year. And Bitsource, a software and website development company, has been coding for two years in Pikeville after hiring former coal miners.
2017 April 5 - 10:07 am

High-Tech Capabilities Needed in Addition to Hands-On Experience

Each of the students agreed that school counselors emphasize a four-year degree, and said that they think the Career Center could have a higher profile. That’s similar to recommendations in a CTE report the district commissioned last school year, which also recommended hiring the new administrator.
2017 March 14 - 04:15 pm

Lake Area Technical Institute Named Nation’s Top College

After nearly capturing the nation’s top prize for community colleges three consecutive times, Lake Area Technical Institute finally claimed it, winning the 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College
2017 March 13 - 02:27 pm

Community College Takes Unusual Approach To Solving Ubiquitous Problem

Remedial education has been the proverbial thorn in the side of higher education for decades. Students are placed in remedial math and English courses when they are deemed unprepared for college level work, and traditionally must pass them before enrolling in classes that count toward a degree.
2017 March 13 - 02:27 pm

Colorado School Partners with College on ‘Opportunities Unlimited’

Though she went to her core classes — math and reading — at Fort Collins High School, Valdez skipped those she didn’t think were relevant to her future — physical education, home economics and humanities. She was earning credits she thought mattered but missing her other classes meant missing credits required for her to graduate.

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

helps students. College students who enroll in 15 credits in their first semester, and 30 credits a year, accumulate mor... Full Story

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