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2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

Eligible for Financial Aid, Nearly a Million Students Never Get It

“In most states, the aid program comes from the general fund, and once it’s gone, it’s gone,” said Sarah Pingel, senior policy analyst at the Education Commission of the States. “[Legislators] are aware of the consequences, that thousands of students may not get the funding they need to afford college.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

A Summary Listing of Higher-Ed-Related News from Around The Nation

In a break with the Obama administration policy, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced in December that some students cheated by the now-defunct schools would only get a part of their federal student loan forgiven.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

Privately-Funded Initiative Educates Prisoners, Inspires Change

Grady Hudson adjusts his tassel before the Calvin Prison Initiative commencement at Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility in Ionia, Mich. Fifteen inmates received associate degrees which are the first degrees given by Calvin College since the program started three years ago.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

State Struggles To Close Gap Between Education Levels and In-Demand Skills

Two decades and two recessions later, that ratio has nearly flipped as state funding has been cut and tuition has steadily risen to replace it. Even after a 9 percent boost to higher education funding was secured this legislative session, top state budget writers don’t expect tuition to drop any time soon.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

GOP Candidates Vow To Kill Reduced Tuition for Immigrants

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Republican candidate for Kansas governor who has advised President Donald Trump is attacking a state law that helps young people living in the U.S. illegally go to state colleges, appealing to his party’s conservative base in a tough GOP primary race.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

Statewide High School Grad Rates Lag Behind the National Average

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico’s next governor will inherit simmering discontent over teacher pay and evaluations, urgent calls to expand early childhood schooling and a lawsuit that may put the judiciary in charge of pivotal education funding decisions.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

Oregon School Fetes Graduates Who Are Headed to College

Umatilla High School Dean of Students April Dirksen said this year, 72 students will be committing to post-secondary education of some kind, whether a four-year college, a two-year college, the military or trade school.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

Immigrant Student Threatened with Being ‘Shipped Back’ to His Native China

“I’ve got your (expletive) passport. You’re leaving now,” a male voice says in the recording. He later adds, “The United States government needs you out of this country right now, you understand?” “You are here illegal, you know that,” a female voice says later.
2018 May 26 - 01:45 pm

Winners Praise Instructors for Aiding Success

The three winning student authors and three employees featured in the winning essays each received a $1,000 check and were to be recognized during NISOD’s annual conference in Austin, Texas. The winning student essays will also be published on Community College Week’s.
2018 May 26 - 12:03 pm
When she isn’t working at Tekfab, Bledsoe, 36, can be found in her home shop — which includes a small forge — crafting garden flowers out of metal and experimenting with art deco-like visual arts made from nuts, washers and other common materials.
2018 May 26 - 11:52 am

Advocates Step Up Fight Against Student Hunger

“This,” in Goldrick-Rab’s telling, is hunger, euphemistically called “food insecurity,” meaning that many community college students — who characteristically occupy the lowest rungs of the country’s economic ladder — are going to bed, or class, hungry.
2018 May 26 - 11:52 am

Ivy Tech Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Older Students

Wilkerson is among a handful of septuagenarians taking classes at Ivy Tech Community College’s Bloomington campus. What they’re studying ranges from art to accounting. The paths they took through life are just as varied, but they all have similar reasons for going back to college.
2018 May 26 - 11:52 am

Community College Tuition To Triple for DACA Students

“This ruling is troubling for the 2,000 DACA students currently enrolled in Maricopa Community Colleges,” he said in a statement. “During the past five years, more than 600 DACA students earned an associate’s degree or a certificate from one of our colleges and are making valuable contributions to the health of our economy.
2018 May 26 - 11:52 am

Enrollment Declines, Past Misdeeds Bedevil For-Profit Sector

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has hired several industry insiders and frozen Obama-era regulations that would have increased protections for students. She has reduced loan forgiveness relief for some former students defrauded by their schools, meaning that the forprofit industry could be on the hook for less.
2018 May 26 - 12:03 am

Annual Graduation Exercises Rich with Diversity and Determination

Another is a mother who walked across the stage to claim her degree in the company of her two daughters, who graduated from the same college on the very same day. Mother and daughters took some courses together and pushed one another across the finish line.
2018 May 26 - 12:03 am

A Summary Listing of Higher-Ed-Related News from Around The Nation

WASHINGTON (AP) — A partnership aims to educate sworn and civilian members of a police department on African-American history in Washington, D.C., along with the history of the district’s neighborhoods..

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

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