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2016 November 3 - 04:21 pm

A summary listing of higher-ed-related news from around the nation

The group said that the policy’s guidelines grant transgender and gender-nonconforming students the right to express their gender identity openly or to keep it private; and it allows students to use facilities that match their gender identity..
2016 November 3 - 04:21 pm

Instructor Argued Her Sexual Orientation Barred Her from Full-Time Job

(AP) — A federal appeals court vacated a decision by three of its own judges who recently ruled in an Indiana case that existing federal workplace-discrimination law does not cover sexual-orientation bias and said the full Chicagobased court will rehear the issue.
2016 November 3 - 04:21 pm

Desegregation Era Rule Was Criticized as Discriminatory

Under the change, which will take effect next school year, the conference will allow its schools to compete at the Division I or Division II level in the National Junior College Athletic Association. It will also follow NJCAA roster limits for all sports, ending any out-of-state and roster limitations.
2016 November 3 - 04:03 pm

Oregon Promise Waives Tuition at Community Colleges

Oregon Promise students received a federal Pell Grant, meaning that cash was put toward their tuition before Oregon Promise money was. This is part of the Oregon grant’s requirements that the state funding be the “last dollar in,” according to Multop. He says all other funding goes toward community college funding before the state money.
2016 November 3 - 04:03 pm

College Preparing Turbine Technicians for Jobs in Growing Field

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for wind turbine service technicians is expected to grow significantly nationwide through 2024. And primed for that growth is northeast Nebraska, where several large wind farms are located.
2016 November 3 - 03:55 pm

Colleges Working with High Schools To Break Gender Barriers

“It’s my fault,” he said, laughing. “I was in a leadership development program at Purdue University, and one of my goals in the program was to recruit non-traditional students to these types of manufacturing areas. And the non-traditional ones in this case are young girls.
2016 November 2 - 10:17 am

Community College Graduate Started Thriving Garden Club

It began early on a Friday morning harvesting vegetables as a farmhand at Honey Hill Organic Farm in Potosi, Wis., where she worked all day before heading to volunteer at the Dubuque Rescue Mission garden to weed, plant and cut the lawn, her hands covered in callouses.
2016 October 24 - 05:04 pm

Clinton, Trump Diverge on Higher Education Policy

Trump, the political newcomer, devoted just a single sentence to education, saying, “We will rescue kids from failing schools by helping their parents send them to a safe school of their choice.” He said nothing about the issues dominating the higher education landscape: soaring student debt, rising tuition, free community college.
2016 October 24 - 05:04 pm

Differences on Higher Education Policy Are Pronounced

Students will have to work 10 hours a week to help defray the cost of college attendance. Has called for two years of community college to be tuition-free for students who keep their grades up. Wants to hold colleges accountable for reining in costs and doing more to help students, including disadvantaged students, graduate on time.
2016 October 24 - 04:53 pm

University Enrollment Climbs, Community Colleges Shrink

Universities have focused on recruiting students as a strategy to improve finances, especially among the smaller schools. Higher Education Commissioner Glenn Boyce said that’s still an important strategy to gain additional revenue by filling empty seats.
2016 October 24 - 04:53 pm

Affordable Education Options Erode as Costs Climb

Northcentral Technical College also saw an increase in cost for the average student, jumping from $6,200 to $9,600, according to the U.S. Department of Education. College officials believe the spike stems from a shift in offcampus housing prices and increase in the number of students seeking housing.
2016 October 24 - 04:53 pm

Ohio School Districts Calculate Costs of College Credit Programs

The College Credit Plus program cost schools in the South- Western City School District in Columbus about $250,000 for the 2015-16 school year. The Hilliard district reached a final cost calculation of $185,000. Those districts are among many facing thousands of dollars in costs, The Columbus Dispatch.
2016 October 24 - 04:24 pm

New Dormitory Will Be Able To Accommodate 120 Students

According to SCC President Michael Ash, the reason for the security measures is due to the expansion of the Clery Act, which was signed in 1990 after Jeanne Clery was raped and murdered in her dorm room at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
2016 October 24 - 04:24 pm

Purple Heart Recipient Counsels Veterans at Illinois College

Michael Le Buhn talks with students at Kankakee Community College in Kankakee, Ill. Le Buhn, an Army veteran who served in Iraq, was wounded and received both a Purple Heart and a PTSD diagnosis through his experience, now serves as a veterans advocate and writing tutor at the college.
2016 October 24 - 04:24 pm

Miss. Professor Teaches Japanese, Spanish at Community College

MGCCC offers his Japanese I and II online, so others in the state can share in learning the language that has four writing systems, two alphabets and characters that must be drawn in specific sequence. Writing Japanese is more of an art than a science.
2016 October 24 - 04:12 pm

A summary listing of higher-ed-related news from around the nation

Coalition members include the Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Cattlemen, the Nebraska Soybean Association and the Lincoln Independent Business Association. Other opponents of the bond measure include state Sens. Laura Ebke of Crete, Dan Watermeier of Syracuse and Jerry Johnson of Wahoo, and former Gov. Dave Heineman.
2016 October 24 - 04:12 pm

Wallace CC and Auburn Offer 2+2 Degree

“Our enrollment has been steadily increasing, and we have seen an increase in the number of students who transfer from community colleges,” said Auburn poultry science department spokeswoman Codi Plaster.

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

helps students. College students who enroll in 15 credits in their first semester, and 30 credits a year, accumulate mor... Full Story

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