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2015 September 13 - 02:02 am

A Listing of Degrees and Certificates Awarded by two- and Four-Year Colleges During the 2013-14 Academic Year

All Disciplines (Grand Total) 14 All Disciplines, Total Non-Minority 14 All Disciplines, Total Minority 15 All Disciplines, African American 15 All Disciplines, American Indian 16 All Disciplines, Asian American 16 All Disciplines, Hispanic 17...
1969 December 31 - 09:00 pm
These first three tables and their corresponding figures illustrate the changes by sector over the past ten years in one-year certificate, two-year certificate and associate degree conferrals, respectively.
1969 December 31 - 09:00 pm
The three remaining tables of this analysis examine changes shown in Tables 1 through 3 in more detail as related exclusively to associate degree production.
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