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2018 November 6 - 10:37 am

Gesture Allows College Student to Juggle Work, School

Daisia Kai Walker, a homeless student in the community nursing program at Capital Community College, sits on a park bench in Bushnell Park, Hartford, Conn. Walker is a former East Windsor High track and field star who had falling out with her family and is now living with a student she met recently at Capital.
2018 June 26 - 03:37 pm

At Age 64, Man Doesn’t Let Illness Impede His Goal of Earning Degree

The last two years haven’t been easy for Reich who hasn’t yet gotten that medical lab tech degree, but did get to walk across the stage this spring to get an associate in general science. Now, he’s determined to finish the lab tech program, despite his health issues.
2018 May 26 - 01:19 pm

Winners Praise Instructors for Success

The three winning student authors and three employees featured in the winning essays each received a $1,000 check and were to be recognized during NISOD’s annual conference in Austin, Texas. The winning student essays will also be published on Community College Week’s.
2018 May 26 - 01:19 pm
grade I completed was the eighth grade. By the time I went back to school I was older, a mother of three children, and a housewife to an abusive husband. Furthermore, English is my second language and I often struggle to write and understand everyday topics.
2018 May 26 - 11:52 am

Walla Walla CC Provides Education Lifeline to Immigrant

Occenc, known as Fredno to family and friends, is currently enrolled in WWCC’s culinary arts program, where he recently started working with Asian cuisine. Which is fine, delicious and all that, but it’s the foods of the Republic of Haiti that enthrall this chef.
2018 May 26 - 12:03 am
grade I completed was the eighth grade. By the time I went back to school I was older, a mother of three children, and a housewife to an abusive husband. Furthermore, English is my second language and I often struggle to write and understand everyday topics.
2018 May 24 - 04:20 pm

Rio Salado College Dual Enrollment Graduate Eyes Teaching Career

“Lennon brings an understanding of building relationships, that education must be equitable for every student,” Tobey said. “I believe that he will use his voice to continue to advocate for higher pay for classroom teachers, strengthen Career and Technical Education Programs, and promote dual-language programs to train future students.
2018 March 16 - 03:55 pm

Students Collaborate on Building Prosthetic Hand with 3D Printer

 A cross-discipline capstone project at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech - http://citytech.cuny.edu) led students Jiaman Zhao, Mohamed Alborati, and Teddie Lai to change their
2018 February 12 - 03:45 pm

Miss. College Teaches Survival and Job Skills

The year was 2015 and Bush was incarcerated in Jones County jail for possessing the ingredients to make meth. She also was facing charges in Stone County for possession of meth with intent to sell. As grateful as she was, it wasn’t quite her time to get clean.
2017 November 29 - 07:55 am

Student Steps Into Past with Vintage Camera

Illinois Valley Community College student Joey Urso covers his head from sunlight to compose, focus and adjust his 100-plus year-old, sheet film camera in Ottawa Square earlier this week in Ottawa, Ill. Urso likes to shoot film over digital. He develops his black and white film and prints in a makeshift home darkroom.
2017 May 26 - 03:31 pm

Graduates of NC College Earn Full Scholarships to Penn, Stanford

The brothers have attended VGCC for the last five years through the Franklin County Early College High School program, allowing them to simultaneously complete high school diplomas and college degrees, tuition-free. Each graduated with both an associate in arts degree and an associate in science degrees.
2017 May 26 - 03:31 pm

College Helps Student Escape Impoverished Past and Thrive

McGirt, 20, grew up in Pahokee, Florida, a hard-times town on the banks of Lake Okeechobee. Locals call the place “the muck.” Her father, or at least the man she calls her father, got sent to prison for drugs, her uncle was found dead in a canal and her mother struggled mightily to keep the lights on.
2017 May 26 - 03:31 pm
When I stepped onto the campus of Harford Community College for the first time, I felt only like a number. I had not been washed over with the sensation that I was becoming part of something greater; I felt inferior. It certainly did not help that I had always believed I was the kind of person who was easy to forget.
2017 May 26 - 03:31 pm
After living on my own for over a decade and with more than 50 addresses under my belt, I was nearly 26 years old and no closer to describing my future than I when I was 16. For all my travels and all my troubles, I could not find the vocabulary necessary to portray what it was I wanted to do with my life.
2017 May 26 - 03:31 pm
Student authors are asked to describe a faculty member, staff member, or administrator who encouraged him or her to complete a course, finish a semester, or graduate from college, and describe how that encouragement helped him or her reach their goal.

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