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2016 February 19 - 10:55 pm

Young Man’s Budding Career Inspired by Community College Professor

“He was saying that there was nothing worse in life than ending up in a job where you hated what you were doing every day,” the Spotsylvania County resident recently recalled. “Instead of that, he said we needed to follow our passion and our dreams.”.
2016 February 19 - 10:55 pm

Former Exchange Student Considers Nursing Career after Enrolling in College

It’s been a little difficult, she said, because of the culture change and the fact many of her friends from Konawaena have moved on. But people are welcoming and recognize her from the November West Hawaii Today story about the fundraising drive to bring her back here for school, something she said helps.
2015 November 17 - 03:41 pm

Assistance Dog Helps Student Be Independent

Ben rides with Kirtley to campus in a bus with a wheelchair lift. He waits patiently in the front of the bus while Kirtley’s chair is lowered out the back exit, then hurries down the steps to meet his master. Ben picks up his leash and hands it to Kirtley, then trots alongside the motorized chair.
2015 October 8 - 05:38 pm

Female Drag Racer Heads To Class After Successful Summer

Since she started racing as an 8-year-old, Taylor’s been getting faster and faster. In late July, she was a quarterfinalist in the NHRA Junior Dragster’s Eastern Conference final that featured 100 drivers at Bristol, Tennessee. She also owns seven career wins in the International Hot Rod Association’s Pro Junior Dragster class.
2015 August 24 - 08:51 pm

Student Sells Treats To Save Tuition Money for Culinary Arts Program

Emily Schultz, 16, of Cleveland, is spending the summer baking and selling her treats at the Sheboygan Farmers Market each Wednesday through a partnership with her summer employer, The Hickory House Food & Spirits. She gets to use their commercial kitchen to do her baking and, in turn, she waitresses for them on weekends, Sheboygan Press Media.
2015 July 8 - 04:11 pm

Once High School Dropouts, Pair Graduate Together After Earning GEDs at Guam Community College

Genevie Chiguina and boyfriend Johnny Aldan had long raised their kids to place education first, so it wasn’t easy to see her daughter drop out of school. She held her tongue and led by example instead. She got back into the workforce, first as sales support for DFS and then as a school cleaner for Advance Management.
2015 June 26 - 04:55 pm

Collaboration with Middle Schoolers Allows Quadriplegic Man To Go Fishing

It happened shortly before noon in Mosinee’s River Park, when former Mosinee High School Principal Jim DeBroux, who was paralyzed from his neck down in a 2009 fall from a ladder, used a baton designed to be used by his mouth to push a button. That button set in motion another specially designed piece of equipment, a one-of-a-kind robotic fishing rod.
2015 June 26 - 04:55 pm

Device Designed To Combat Algae Blooms and Clean Lakes

Their system begins with a floating metal platform that pushes muck through an intake tube. The muck then moves through a 20-foot hose to a high-powered pump on shore, before it continues through a 100-foot hose leading to a large dumpster, where water is.
2015 June 9 - 05:07 am

Dual Enrollment Program Results in Pair of Credentials

The 17-year-old began taking classes at TCC when she was 14 and kept going while attending high school. She’s the first person to get dual degrees while enrolled in a partnership between the college and city school division. And she was the youngest person to receive a degree from TCC.
2015 June 9 - 05:07 am

Boy Has Been Studying College-Level Math since Age 8

His calculus professor, Jeffrey Groah, who came to watch, recalled an increasingly confident Eric swinging his legs as he called out, “Got it!” each time he solved the problem flashed by the projector. Groah said he thought the older students were a bit intimidated by the youngster’s quickness.
2015 June 9 - 05:07 am

Federal Grants Allow Students To Experience Real-World Use Of GIS Technology

This spring, the Del Mar College sophomore is part of a team using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to measure the populations of pests like the verde plant bug and cotton fleahopper and produce data that helps farmers maximize their crop yield.
2015 April 30 - 10:43 pm

It Took Courage to Start Over as a Grandmother

As I sat at my computer to sign into my English class, it occurred to me I had never passed an English class. I hated English! The first thing I saw on the webpage was a picture of a kind-looking man with salt and pepper hair. His smile melted my fears momentarily.
2015 April 30 - 10:43 pm

Friendlier Learning Environment Allowed the Students to Enjoy Learning

To be frank, I’ve never been someone who struggled in school. I always worked incredibly hard and put a tremendous amount of effort into all assignments, projects, etc. Thanks to this work ethic, I’ve been rewarded with great grades and a passion for all subjects.
2015 March 16 - 11:34 pm

Del Mar College Student Survives Near-Fatal Brain Injury To Earn Associate Degree

The applause may have set a decibel record last December when Randal Chisamore, Jr. strode across the stage at Del Mar College, grinning in his blue graduation gown and receiving his newly minted associate degree. By all accounts, it was a super-sweet victory for someone who was lucky to be alive.
2015 March 16 - 11:34 pm

Effort Aimed at Helping Homeless, Needy Stay Warm

Starting at about 10:30, Angie Dunkle, her husband, Kyle, Charleston City Councilwoman Susie Salisbury and Salisbury’s daughter, Carmen, began knotting colorful knitted, crocheted, woolen and fleece scarves, as well as gloves and hand-warming packets, around the flagpoles and trees that dot the plaza.
2015 January 6 - 09:24 pm

Woman Overcomes Fear Of Return to School to Earn Degree from Mid-State Technical College

After five years working in the accounts payable department at Joerns Healthcare, Calder found herself jobless after the company announced in January 2012 it was moving 146 jobs from its Stevens Point facility to Texas, Arkansas and Mexico as a cost-cutting measure.

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