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2015 February 4 - 05:33 am

Community Colleges Fare Better Under California Governor’s Spending Blueprint

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California Gov. Jerry Brown is resisting pressure to offset a tuition increase planned for University of California campuses and once again called upon the nation’s largest public university system to rethink how it does business instead of making students and their families pay more.
2015 February 4 - 05:33 am

Mississippi Governor Asks Board To Drop Requirement that New Director Have Doctorate

After failing to choose a candidate following interviews in December, Board Chairman Bruce Martin of Meridian said the board took no action in closed session after again discussing a replacement for current Executive Director Eric Clark, who is retiring.
2015 February 4 - 05:33 am

Amid Threats, Fitzsimmons Bows to LePage’s Demand To Quit

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — With Gov. Paul LePage trying to restrict funding and threatening “further harm,” Maine Community College System President John Fitzsimmons announced that he’s stepping down, saying it’s in the best interest of students and staff..
2015 January 19 - 07:28 pm

President Barack Obama wants to make a community college education free for all Americans

Appearing at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tenn., the president said his plan would be modeled after the Tennessee Promise, a new program under which recent high school graduates get two years of community college tuition covered by the state, and a similar initiative in Chicago, which pays tuition for high-achieving students.
2015 January 6 - 09:24 pm

‘Affirmative Consent’ Standard Now Part of SUNY Assault Prevention Policies

A universal “affirmative consent” standard is now part of a sexual assault prevention policy adopted across the state’s public university system, spelling out for students that only “yes” — not silence or a lack of resistance — is the cue for sexual activity.
2014 December 22 - 05:48 pm

Ideas Hatched at Conference To Reverse Disinvestment in Colleges, Universities

NEW ORLEANS — If federal policy makers are serious about giving all students access to affordable higher education, they should leverage some of the billions of dollars in existing federal funding to make states stop cutting their budgets for public universities and colleges.
2014 November 24 - 01:35 am

Little Oversight on More than $220 Million Distributed to Community and Technical College Students

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina’s college oversight agencies do not verify that students who receive more than $220 million in lottery-funded scholarships are eligible for them, according to a legislative audit. The Legislative Audit Council recommends that the agencies review the lottery money it distributes to colleges and technical.
2014 November 24 - 01:35 am

‘Gainful Employment’ Rules Targeted by Propriertary College Trade Group

Education Department spokeswoman Dorie Nolt said in a statement that the department is confident it is within its legal authority in issuing regulations “that will protect students and taxpayers’ investments by bringing more accountability and transparency to career training programs.
2014 September 30 - 06:26 am

Groups Galvanized by Obama Plan To Rate Colleges, Universities

“We have been under steady, unrelenting pressure,” declared the organization’s president, David Warren, who spoke of “an overreaching executive branch” he said sought to use unreliable statistics to measure the effectiveness of higher-education institutions that are vastly different from each other.
2014 September 16 - 05:07 am

Little-Notice Provision in Vets’ Health Care Law Extends Discount to Recent Veterans in All 50 States

Veterans new to the state who enrolled at Florida State soon discovered they had to pay out-ofstate tuition for their first year, or an additional $15,000. (By the second year, they had lived in the state long enough to have established residency.) For some, that meant the difference between attending college or not.
2014 September 16 - 05:07 am

Democratic Texas Candidate Promises To Increase College Affordability and Accessibility

Davis unveiled the new plans in San Antonio. They include creating a Career-Technical Coordinating Board, which would coordinate between businesses and schools to ease the entry into technical jobs for students.
2014 September 7 - 08:33 pm

Members Cite Mixed Results In Promoting Education Goals

The board was created in 2011 to better coordinate early childhood programs, public schools and public higher education so the state can attain its “40-40-20”goal by 2025.
2014 September 7 - 08:33 pm

Schools, including Kellogg CC, Cited for Shortcomings in Fiscal Oversight and Academic Performance

The 11 chartering agents include five universities, a community college, the state’s turnaround entity in Detroit and four K-12 districts. They are the chartering bodies for 124, or 43 percent, of 289 independent, public charter schools, according to the most recent figures.
2014 August 20 - 04:09 pm

‘Go Back Move Ahead’ Campaign Aims To Assist Those Near a Degree

(AP) — Georgia education officials launched a new campaign encouraging adults who started but never earned a college degree to finish. Those people are essential to meeting the state’s ambitious goals for more residents with post-high school education and to the state’s economy long term.

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