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2016 February 5 - 01:34 pm

Budget Stalemate Has Colleges Scrambling To Provide Student Aid

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois colleges put up $168 million of their own money to help students attend classes last fall because there’s no state budget deal, but nearly half of those responding to a survey about the Monetary Award Program say they can’t do it again this spring.
2016 January 22 - 02:33 pm

Two-Year Colleges Fear Enrollment Decline as Scholarship Funds Remain in Limbo

The 26-year-old psychology major wasted no time in establishing “Jacqueline’s Tuition” on GoFundMe.com after the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago informed her that she’d have to cover the $2,300 spring subsidy she was supposed to receive from the state’s Monetary Award Program.
2015 December 29 - 10:01 pm

Bruising Budget Battles Prompt Creation of Broad Coalition

The Alabama Unites for Education coalition was launched to protect the state’s education budget. The group includes the leadership of the UA System, the Alabama Community College System, and the Alabama Department of Education as well as the presidents of the UA system’s three campuses and Auburn University, the Tuscaloosa News.
2015 December 29 - 10:01 pm

Move Is New Governance Panel’s First Major Initiative

Janet Kincherlow-Martin, a spokeswoman for the college system, said all of the campuses will remain open, but administrative functions will be consolidated to save money. She said getting rid of that duplication should make the campuses more efficient and be a better use of taxpayer dollars.
2015 December 29 - 10:01 pm

High School Seniors Will Need To Fill Out FAFSA, State Application for Graduation

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved a new policy that will require the state’s roughly 35,000 high school seniors to apply for financial aid for college or submit a signed form indicating that they won’t.
2015 December 2 - 12:38 am

Recession and Collapse of Housing Market Contribute to Trend

A Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data found 36.4 percent of women ages of 18-34 lived with parents or relatives in 2014, The Times Daily (http://bit.ly/1Mget2u) reported. That is the most since at least 1940, when 36.2 percent lived with family.
2015 October 26 - 03:44 am

Reduction Comes after Panel Hiked Tuition by 23 Percent

to about $15,000 this school year, which officials say was due in part to the skyrocketing cost of doing business in the oil patch and a 40 percent staff turnover. College officials also are worried about maintaining the school’s bond rating, which was recently downgraded, and beefing up its limited cash reserves.
2015 August 24 - 08:51 pm

Financial Literacy Now Part Of Classroom Instruction

“We’re not just about hair, skin and nails,” said Len Melvin, marketing director for Hays Academy of Hair Design, which has operations in Hays and Salina. “Topics we go over include student loans, what kind of loans there are, what their repayment schedule will be — and how to set up a budget around that.
2015 July 28 - 11:25 pm

Average Hike is 4 Percent; More State Funding Increase Helps Hold Down Rate of Increase

Six colleges aren’t raising prices, including Meridian Community College, which will hold steady at $2,314 a year. East Central Community College, which is raising charges by less than 1 percent, will still have the lowest tuition in the state at $2,230 after imposing a $20-a-year.
2015 July 8 - 04:11 pm

$17.8 Million NIH Grant Will Provide Research Opportunities for Students

“We encourage faculty research at our partner schools so they can carry out important research,” said Judith Van Houten the director of the network, which does research in genetics and other scientific fields. “We want the partner schools to carry out publishable, competitive research.
2015 July 8 - 04:11 pm

Increases at Colleges and Universities Among Lowest in 20 Years

Last fall, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission recommended tuition increases between 0 and 4 percent if dollars were provided in the state budget this year for the higher education funding formula, which allocates funds based on a variety of metrics to encourage student success through outcomes, like graduation and retention.
2015 May 13 - 02:44 pm

Campuses Would Get Authority To Increase Tuition and Fees

“Money is extinct. It’s not even there at the campuses. But all of us know how important our universities, our community and technical college system are to the future of our state,” said Rep. Chris Broadwater, R-Hammond, sponsor of a bill to let schools raise fees without legislative approval.
2015 April 30 - 10:43 pm

Ohio Colleges Object to Proposal that Could Shutter Training Programs at Community Colleges

The dissenters — including police chiefs, training instructors and community college representatives — reacted strongly to suggestions by an attorney general’s task force that the state has too many academies and many that aren’t rigorous enough..
2015 April 19 - 11:49 am

States Reduce Spending on Colleges in Favor of Tax Cuts, Prompting a Bipartisan Outcry

Governors in nearly a half-dozen states want to cut state spending on colleges and universities to help close budget shortfalls, often sparking vehement opposition among state lawmakers of both parties.
2015 March 30 - 10:18 pm

To Expand Access, Board Reverses Course on Planned Hike

The plan for the next school year was to increase tuition by $3 per credit hour for instate students, by $6 per credit hour for outof-state students from counties contiguous to Kentucky and by $10 per credit hour for other out-of-state students. But the regents canceled those increases.
2015 March 30 - 10:18 pm

Meridian Community College Gets $1.5 Million for Renovations

“We’ve been making progress piecemeal so far,” he wrote. “This grant along with some additional financing will finally bring the project to fruition. When it’s all said and done, the building won’t be referred to as ‘the old Wal-Mart.
2015 March 16 - 11:34 pm

Education Leaders Seek 3 Percent Funding Increase

They may end up disappointed. Gov. Peter Shumlin has proposed no increase during the next fiscal year over the current-year budget of about $88.5 million for UVM, the colleges and the Vermont Student Assistance Corp., which provides student financial aid.
2015 March 6 - 10:49 am

Judge’s Ruling Could Push Price Tag of Tuition Benefit Program into Billions

Lawmakers gave little consideration to the cost since the schools were required to pick up the tab. But a U.S. District Court judge last month struck down a provision of the so-called Hazlewood Act that says veterans and their families may receive tuition benefits only if they enlisted while living in Texas.

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

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