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2015 January 19 - 07:28 pm

Funding issues affecting America's Colleges

Gail Mance-Rios, acting executive director of The Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority, says contributing to a CollegeBoundfund account sends a message that donors believe in a child’s future and are invested in their education..
2015 January 6 - 09:24 pm

Rhode Island’s Raimondo Wants Parents and Their Children To Plan Early for College

Raimondo, the current treasurer, said it has been difficult to enroll children and she wants to “break down the barriers” to higher education. The change could benefit thousands of families, she said, because about 10,000 babies are born in Rhode Island each year.
2014 December 19 - 05:31 am

Proposal Would Freeze Tuition and Lower Costs for Community College Transfer Students

the funding was cut, University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston said. A survey conducted by the university showed students were not applying because it was cheaper for them to go to school out of state and because some students,...
2014 November 24 - 01:35 am

Plan Would Lift Tuition Freeze for 10-Campus California System

The proposal, which follows three years in which tuition rates have remained frozen, would increase the average annual cost of a UC education for California residents pursuing undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees in academic as opposed to professional disciplines from $12,192 to up to $12,804 next fall and $15,564 in the fall of 2019.
2014 November 24 - 01:35 am

But Certificates Can Yield Higher Salaries If Applied to Degrees

But if those classes are later applied to an associate or bachelor’s degree, college then becomes a good investment, no matter what major a student chooses, according to a study in the journal Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis. The research was paid for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
2014 October 30 - 02:52 am

Reduction in Students Results in Loss of More than $60,000

The Courier reports (http://bit.ly/YMeTcp ) student technology fees, set at $5 per course credit hour by state law, were decreased to $4 per course credit hour by Fletcher’s Student Government Association in 2010. The lowered rate resulted in a loss of $60,913 over the next four years.
2014 October 13 - 08:31 pm

A+ Program Becoming More Expensive for Mo. as Enrollment Increases

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Education officials are notifying Missouri community colleges that the state might reduce reimbursements for the A+ scholarship program, which gives high school graduates who meet certain criteria money for two years of classes at community colleges.
2014 October 1 - 09:10 pm

Michigan Brothers Harvest Flowers to Raise Money for College

Pete Alexander, who is also president of the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Committee, said he had been growing mums for 20 years on and off, and thought it would be a good experience for his boys to put in the work and see their success pay off in a productive way.
2014 October 1 - 09:10 pm

But Prepaid Tuition Accounts Still Falling Well Short of Costs

The group, which tracks the state-sponsored savings plans, attributes the increase to several factors, including a healthier stock market and improved economy as well as greater consumer awareness of 529 plans and a growing concern among parents of the cost of higher education.
2014 September 7 - 08:33 pm

New Contracts To Cost 60 to 90 Percent More Than Previous Version

1 will put its proceeds into a new pot of money, leaving the old fund with a gap that still must be made up through investment gains, state appropriations or other methods. The program is backed by the state’s full faith and credit, which means obligations must be paid.
2014 July 22 - 09:55 am

State Funding for Student Success Building Depends on Local Match

LAKE CHARLES, La. (AP) — Chennault International Airport officials plan to work with the city of Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish to pay for part of the $8 million cost for Sowela Technical Community College’s Student Success Building..

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

helps students. College students who enroll in 15 credits in their first semester, and 30 credits a year, accumulate mor... Full Story

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