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2016 July 27 - 05:06 pm

Community College of Denver Conducts Summer Camps for High School Students

With all the buzz surrounding provisions of the Fair Pay Act, there is still a need to address the lack of females hired in jobs traditionally held by men. In short, equal pay for equal work is critical, but getting women into jobs usually dominated by males is just as critical.
2016 July 20 - 04:27 pm
The number of people completing the Ivy Tech training paled in comparison to how much hiring the companies do, said Matt Rose, director of RVs for the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association-Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council. He said it’s “realistic to say these bigger companies are hiring” as many as 50 people per day.
2016 May 29 - 06:23 pm

Venerable Yearbooks Being Replaced by Social Media

BALTIMORE (AP) — For 126 years, the annual yearbook of the Johns Hopkins University — called, at different times, the Debutante, the Hopkinsian and, most enduringly, the Hullabaloo — has documented a range of life on campus and beyond: the great...
2016 May 29 - 06:23 pm

Salaries Remain Stagnant Even as Employers Increase Hiring

The Class of 2016 is entering into the best job market since the recession, continuing a trend. As the unemployment rate has fallen to 5 percent nationwide and even lower in New Jersey, employers have crowded into on-campus job fairs and posted more openings on campus websites.
2016 May 9 - 08:46 pm

Students Could Save $5,000 on Cost of Bachelor’s Degree

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and state higher educational officials unveiled what they called a first-inthe-nation program at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, one of the state’s 15 community colleges. The initiative, dubbed Commonwealth Commitment, would be phased in over two academic years, starting in September.
2016 April 27 - 07:22 am

Percentage of Poor Students on the Increase

“North Carolina has a significant mobility problem when it comes to the chances of moving from the bottom to the top,” said David Dodson, president of MDC. “Most children born to low-income families in North Carolina will not reach median income as adults unless current patterns change decisively.
2016 April 26 - 06:25 am

Growing Number of Schools Prohibiting Romantic Relationships Between Faculty and Students

It comes amid a national trend to prohibit professors from dating their students at schools including Harvard, Yale and Arizona State University. Many universities created the policies as the federal government urged them to boost efforts to prevent sexual assault on campus.
2016 April 26 - 06:25 am

At Least 100 College Police Agencies Introduce Military-Style Rifles In Past Decade

The weapons are rarely seen in public and often stashed away in cruisers or at department headquarters, and many schools won’t talk about them. But federal data and Associated Press interviews and requests for records reveal that over the past decade, at least 100 U.
2016 April 13 - 10:38 pm

At Pearl River CC, 60 Percent of Administrators Are Female, Far More Than National Average

That’s important because the number of women in academia generally has been growing far faster than the number in leadership roles. At PRCC, there are more female than male faculty members. Many of the nation’s colleges and universities, PRCC included, have more female than male students.
2016 April 13 - 10:38 pm

Skyrocketing Admission of Out-of-State Students Leads to Sharp Criticism

“As a public institution, the university should serve primarily those who provide for its financial and civic support — California residents, Howle wrote. “However, over the past several years, the university has failed to put the needs of residents first.
2016 April 13 - 10:38 pm

Math Mastery Remains Major Stumbling Block to Graduation

That question muttered by many a frustrated student over the years has become a vigorous debate among American educators, sparked by a provocative new book that argues required algebra has become an unnecessary stumbling block that forces millions to drop out of high school or college.
2016 April 10 - 05:06 pm

School Reaches Across State Borders to Recruit Community College Students

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — When Grecia Rivas graduated from a Tucson high school a few years ago, she thought her days in a classroom were over. She was an immigrant living in the U.S. illegally and counselors didn’t know what to tell her about college prospects, though she had a 3.
2016 April 10 - 05:06 pm

Scholarships Will Pay for Two Years of College for City High School Grads

Other cities with similar promise zones include Battle Creek, Lansing, Muskegon and Pontiac. The promise zone legislation was modeled somewhat after the Kalamazoo Promise, which guarantees free college tuition to graduates of Kalamazoo Public Schools..
2016 April 10 - 05:06 pm

Brain Drain from Rural Communities Placing Strain on Rescue Squads

Crilly said that she and others have tried various tactics to boost recruitment and interest over the years, including advertising in local newspapers, asking city council for help and holding public meetings. She said that nothing seems to help..
2016 March 22 - 01:20 pm

Educated Millennials Are Leaving State for Better Opportunities

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Recently, Ethan Mansfield unearthed a 2007 photo showing several people kicking back at hot springs near Lowman. The group, including Mansfield, had just graduated from Boise High School. Fifteen grinning grads wearing swimsuits crowded into the frame.
2016 March 22 - 01:20 pm

Corinthian’s New Owner Following Same Models and Practices

WASHINGTON (AP) — Significant problems remain at a formerly forprofit college that the Obama administration rescued from near collapse, an Associated Press review has found, despite new federal oversight and pledges of a turnaround by the schools’ current nonprofit owner.
2016 March 22 - 01:20 pm

Demographic Trends, Improved Economy Drive Enrollment Reductions

Enrollment over the past five years has dropped the most for West Virginia Northern Community College in Wheeling (45 percent), Mountwest Community and Technical College in Huntington (35.2 percent), WVU at Parkersburg (32.1 percent) and New River Community and Technical College in Beckley (31 percent).

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

helps students. College students who enroll in 15 credits in their first semester, and 30 credits a year, accumulate mor... Full Story

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