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2015 October 26 - 03:44 am

Multi-Year Effort Means More Students Are Ready for College, Careers

Ky. (AP) — Kentucky’s public high schools continue to produce more graduates deemed prepared for college or careers, with nearly seven out of every 10 members of this year’s statewide graduating class meeting the benchmark, state education officials said.
2015 October 8 - 05:38 pm

Budget Cuts and Layoffs Follow Steep Enrollment Decline

After flocking to community colleges to earn degrees and new skills during a recession that once produced unemployment rates as high as 10.9 percent in Kentucky, students are increasingly being lured away amid jobless rates that in July dipped to 5.2 percent.
2015 October 8 - 05:38 pm

Five of 15 Colleges Defy Trend and See Enrollment Spike

Community college enrollment boomed during the recession as people sought job skills, hitting an all-time high of nearly 89,000 in 2010. But student totals at the two-year colleges have traditionally fallen in better economic times, and Mississippi’s colleges have seen overall enrollment fall 16 percent since peaking.
2015 September 27 - 12:19 am

Overhaul Intended To Boost Number of Grads by 10 Percent

He stopped short of outlining a specific funding formula, but said a portion should be based on performance and include incentives for meeting goals, such as reducing the number of students taking remedial classes and increasing the number of minority students earning a degree.
2015 September 13 - 02:02 am

Internet Presence Will Allow 24-7 viewing of Kalamazoo Collection

The museum received its first collection of artifacts in 1881, many of which can be seen in the museum’s first floor display cases. Horace Peck made a gift of material such as shells, costumes and items he collected on his world tours, McElhone said..
2015 September 13 - 02:02 am

Nebraska Dual Enrollment Program Allows Exploration of Career Pathways

Hansen, a junior who is enrolled in health sciences, said he has been looking forward to learning more about his future career aspirations while also working to “shave a year off” his education calendar en route to becoming an anesthesiologist..
2015 August 24 - 08:51 pm

Rising ACT Scores Mean Fewer Students Require Remediation

The number of students who scored well enough to earn scholarships through the state’s TOPS free college tuition program also increased. Nearly 1,000 more students reached a score to be eligible for TOPS than in the previous year, according to the education department.
2015 August 24 - 08:51 pm

Students, Staff Can Check Out One of Five Bicycles for a 24-Hour Period

“This is a great opportunity to connect students and staff with local bike trails and to have a good time roaming Grand Island and exercising,” said Tara Friesen, community relations specialist for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska..
2015 August 11 - 02:52 pm

Audit Raises Questions about Student Fees for Sports

State auditor John Dougall said the study was done to provide information and transparency about where the money comes from to pay for athletic teams on the campuses, the Deseret News reports (http://bit.ly/1HNvbas). It does not offer any recommendations or address any problems.
2015 August 11 - 02:52 pm

Political Posturing Leads to Backpedaling on Educational Standards

Bowing to political pressure, the state is now reversing course and reverting to a not-so-distant past when New Jersey educators set their own academic bar. A sixmonth review of the existing standards for math, English and language arts commenced last month, with an aim toward putting a New Jersey stamp on new standards.
2015 August 11 - 02:52 pm

Colleges Change Names To Gain Prestige, Reflect New Mission

Vermont’s Castleton State College has added five graduate programs in the past five years and hopes to become Castleton University to reflect what it has become and to attract more out-ofstate and foreign students, who pay more in out-of-state tuition rates and could help offset budget concerns.
2015 July 8 - 04:11 pm

Lagging College Attendance Rate Prompts State Board To Create Early Alert System

Pre-qualification for acceptance would be based on grade point average, total school credits and SAT scores. However, officials are still working with college provosts to determine the minimum standards as well as how to avoid capacity issues in the event too many students select primarily just one university.
2015 July 8 - 04:11 pm

Sullivan Wants Community, Tech Colleges To Produce 80,000 Graduates a Year

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College system has come up with a plan aimed to double the system’s number of graduates and meet the state’s workforce demand..
2015 June 26 - 04:55 pm

Tennessee Promise Initiative Has Colleges Preparing for Influx of New Students

In April, 31,000 high school seniors were still eligible for the program, which offers them community college tuition-free. Early projections suggest as many as 18,000 of those students could continue with the program this fall, about 6,000 of whom would not have gone to college without the scholarship.
2015 March 30 - 10:18 pm

Foes Complain College Readiness Programs Drain Dollars from Public Schools

In Sweet Home, where 70 students are enrolled in this year’s fifth-year program, Superintendent Keith Winslow is blunt: “The people up north are crying that this isn’t equitable. I guess my comment back would be, even before these programs, it wasn’t equitable, either.

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

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