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2016 May 29 - 06:23 pm

Opportunities Abound if Policy Addresses Demographic and Educational Change

For the last three years, I have had the opportunity to work with a committee of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and National Academy of Engineering (NAE) that focused on the barriers students face as they pursue degrees and credentials in the STEM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
2016 March 15 - 11:16 am

Three Ways to Improve Outcomes for Community College Students

The “free community college” movement is gaining steam at both the state and the federal level. Led by Tennessee, several states have already enrolled thousands of students in no-tuition community college programs, and President Barack Obama has pushed for free tuition throughout 2015.
2016 February 16 - 01:47 pm

Reduced Costs, Improve Supply Among Potential Benefits

Across the country we hear a call for a more diversified teacher workforce that is highly qualified and appropriately certified. Along with these minimum expectations we also aspire to train classroom teachers who bring real-world application to students, to impact learner growth and to prepare the next generation of great leaders.
2015 December 29 - 10:01 pm

New Initiatives Extend to Higher Education Community

Over the last decade, community colleges have captured the attention of the nation. Arguably, they are best positioned to address a learning continuum that many considered flawed, if not broken, excluding or failing far too many students and leaving the nation at a competitive disadvantage.
2015 November 4 - 02:50 pm

More Stringent Standards Present Opportunity for Colleges

Recently the Higher Learning Commission announced new, more stringent, faculty qualifications to teach in higher education. Community colleges are faced with the monumental task of reviewing their faculty ranks to comply with the new standards. Many faculty, both residential and adjunct, will no longer qualify to teach.
2015 October 8 - 05:38 pm

Innovation and Heavy Lifting Must Continue as 2020 Deadline Nears

Ten years. That was the time limit community college were given to produce 50 percent more students with degrees and certificates, while simultaneously increasing access and quality.
2015 August 24 - 08:51 pm

Incident on Broadway Is an Opportunity for Civic Engagement

If, by now, you have not heard about Patti LuPone’s recent incident with a texting audience member during her performance in Douglas Carter Beane’s “Shows for Days” at Lincoln Center in New York City (see Hold the Phone, It’s Patti LuPone, NY Times, July 9, 2015 by Erik Piepenburg) you certainly will.
2015 August 24 - 08:51 pm

NAU Pledges To Help Meet Need for New Generation of Leaders

The contemporary community college has been evolving for more than 100 years and has become one of the key institutions in the nation, supporting economic and social development with an emphasis on the underprepared, the underserved, and the disenfranchised.
2015 July 28 - 11:25 pm

Cuyahoga Community College Ties Student Success to Faculty Training Activities

Professional development is important to furthering the mission of student success in community colleges, and this is the case at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). A large, comprehensive community college, Tri-C serves 52,000 students a year at four campuses and several other locations in and around Cleveland, Ohio.

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

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