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2013 October 14 - 12:00 am
When institutions and organizations begin to identify with processes instead of intended outcomes, they become vulnerable. They lose sight of their real missions and, when faced with challenges or disruptive innovation, often struggle to survive. Eastman Kodak, once the dominant brand in photography, identified too closely with the chemical processes it used and failed to recognize that its overarching mission was photography rather than film and film processing. George R. Boggs
2013 September 16 - 12:00 am
The growing need for trained and resourceful leaders has become a mantra among retiring community college CEOs and trustees. College leaders are scheduled to retire at an astonishing rate over the next ten years. How to address the impending gap poses a significant problem as the need grows for leaders who can navigate a myriad of challenges: the influx of nontraditional students, mounting accountability measures, scarce resources and ever- changing workforce needs. Such demands are not for the fainthearted or ill-prepared.
2013 September 2 - 12:00 am
In 1996, the Chancellor of the State University of New York, suggested community colleges were more sensitive than universities to the whims of the marketplace and more at risk of closing. We might, he said, disappear because of the ability of competitors to deliver similar services and programs more cost effectively and with greater public acceptance.
2013 June 24 - 12:00 am
It is not news to community college leaders that the pressures facing our senior administrators, governing boards, and faculty are unrelenting. There has been standing-room- only at recent League for Innovation, Higher Learning Commission, and American Association of Community College conferences by attendees seeking collegial fortification, wishing for magic bullets, and hoping for realistic insights about tackling the issues at their home institutions.
2013 June 10 - 12:00 am
In the fall semester of 1965, two employment counselors with the Michigan State Employment Commission from Grand Rapids came to Lowell High School to see about the school starting a clerk-typist program for about 15 unemployed single welfare women. None of these potential enrollees had previously received any training beyond high school and a few had not finished high school.
2013 May 13 - 12:00 am
We’ve all heard the statistics — the cost of textbooks is one of the top reasons why community college students don’t persist. Community colleges across the country are leveraging the power of Open Educational Resources, or OER, to lower the cost of attending college and to support student access.
2013 April 15 - 12:00 am
While attending the League for Innovations 2013 conference in Dallas, I was chatting with a colleague about collaborative and active learning and the new language of flipped classrooms (i.e., technology-delivered content outside of class time to maximize student engagement with the material, faculty and other students during face-to-face sessions).
2013 February 18 - 12:00 am
Look at the data or, if you are more anecdotal in nature, look at the number of grey-headed attendees at an annual meeting of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). Either way, you realize there is going to be shortage of community college leaders in the next decade. Study after study has documented this coming reality.

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