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2012 April 16 - 12:00 am
Even in the midst of high unemployment, employers are having difficulty filling middle-skill positions, those that require an associate degree, postsecondary certificate or vocational credential. And the high demand for middle-skill workers is expected to continue.
2012 March 5 - 12:00 am
Many professionals in the community college sector are talking about a new normal. It is a realization that the model that has prevailed for over fifty years – providing prosperity to generations of middle class Americans along the way – will struggle to sustain itself in its current format given the emerging social and economic realities.
2012 January 23 - 12:00 am
David (not a real student) wants to go into teaching. He decides he is going to attend a community college to ease into the college climate because he has been out of school for many years. He contacts his local community college and makes an appointment with an advisor. As he sits down with his advisor, he is asked what four-year university he wants to attend. David has no idea at this point. His advisor tells him he needs to know where he wants to transfer because his program and courses will be based on the four-year institution he wants to attend. David asks about his choices.
2011 October 17 - 12:00 am
Terry O’Banion has been working in the community college field for 50 years. He has been recognized with four national awards in his name, written 14 books and more than 150 articles, has consulted in more than 800 community colleges and is one of the most active authors and speakers in the community college arena. Here he provides a very personal perspective on why he does this work.
2011 September 19 - 12:00 am
Tarrant County College, which serves Fort Worth, Texas, and the greater Tarrant County area, was recently awarded a Carl D. Perkins state leadership grant by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Career Pathways to Student Success grant is a continuation of work begun two years earlier to develop a statewide energy technician curriculum career pathway.

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