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2018 November 6 - 12:00 am

Tennessee Shifts Focus from Access to Success

The state’s Tennessee Promise scholarship program, which covers tuition for two years at the state’s community and technical colleges for recent high school graduates, has persuaded thousands of residents to enroll in college. It touched off a free college movement that has spread across the country.
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2018 September 5 - 12:00 am

GOP Again has Education Department in Crosshairs

When Ronald Reagan was campaigning against Carter in 1980, he made dismantling the department a centerpiece of his campaign, deriding it as a boondoggle and a brazen power grab of responsibilities best left to states and localities — their less-than-stellar record on education notwithstanding.
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2018 May 26 - 12:00 am

Advocates Step Up Fight Against Student Hunger

“This,” in Goldrick-Rab’s telling, is hunger, euphemistically called “food insecurity,” meaning that many community college students — who characteristically occupy the lowest rungs of the country’s economic ladder — are going to bed, or class, hungry.
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2018 May 26 - 12:00 am

Annual Graduation Exercises Rich with Diversity and Determination

Another is a mother who walked across the stage to claim her degree in the company of her two daughters, who graduated from the same college on the very same day. Mother and daughters took some courses together and pushed one another across the finish line.
2018 March 16 - 12:00 am

Fox Valley Tops Rankings Among Nursing Grads

 It was back in 2012 that Fox Valley Technical College asked residents of its service area to approve a huge bond measure to update the college’s facilities. Such ballot measures frequently
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2018 March 15 - 12:00 am

One Year Later, Colleges Adjust to Life Under Trump

They’ve been derided as the 13th grade. They have been called high school with ashtrays. They were the places students went when they couldn’t go anywhere else. The Harvards and Yales of the world looked down their noses at these underachieving interlopers.
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2018 March 14 - 12:00 am

One Year Later, Colleges Adjust to Life Under Trump

They’ve been derided as the 13th grade. They have been called high school with ashtrays. They were the places students went when they couldn’t go anywhere else. The Harvards and Yales of the world looked down their noses at these underachieving interlopers.
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2017 November 29 - 12:00 am

Work on Building Guided Pathways Accelerates

The Guided Pathways Project is being spearheaded by the American Association of Community Colleges and is supported by some of the most influential groups in the community college movement: Achieving the Dream, the Aspen Institute, the Center for...
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2017 August 13 - 12:00 am

American Honors Relies On Advisers To Help Students Succeed

hear the students enrolled in the American Honors program tell it, there is one overarching reason for its early success in helping promising community college students reach lofty academic goals, including transferring to elite four-year universities.
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2017 July 10 - 12:00 am

Wisconsin College Leads Nation’s Child Protection Training

Operation Broken Heart IV, a massive effort to investigate and arrest child predators and promote cyber security and safety education, culminated with the arrest of more than 1,000 people on charges ranging from possession of child pornography to online solicitation of a minor.
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2017 June 13 - 12:00 am

Ceremonies Are Rich in Diversity and Inspiration

These are just three of the stories of community college commencements in 2017. Plenty of words have been written about poor graduation rates at community colleges. The demand for better results continues unabated. But this year, like every year, thousands of community college students graduated.
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2017 May 26 - 12:00 am

Online Offerings Are Maturing Even as Community College Enrollment Dips

Between 2012 and 2015, according to the report, full-time enrollment at two-year public institutions dipped by 9.5 percent, or nearly 690,000 students. As the economy has improved, community college enrollment has plunged, a trend has triggered budget cuts, reduced course offerings and resulted in layoffs at community colleges across the country.
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2017 May 11 - 12:00 am

Erie Hopes Third Time Is Charm for Creating a Community College

Then the director of the local chapter of the NAACP and a longtime community activist, Horton ran for the council seat held by Joe Giles, a fellow Democrat and a 32-year incumbent who had voted against the community college proposal. Horton made setting up a community college in the city the centerpiece of his campaign.
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2017 April 24 - 12:00 am

Reno Remaking Economy with Help from Carmaker and College

The selection, in 2014, capped an intense, high-stakes public competition. California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, all dangled hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives. In addition to providing the land for free — it was donated by a local landowner — Nevada crafted a $1.3 billion incentive package.
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2017 April 15 - 12:00 am

Many MLB Stars Launched Careers at Community College

On June 12, when the Minnesota Twins makes the first pick in Major League Baseball’s draft, whoever is selected first will likely be unknown even to ardent fans. He’ll likely be sent to the minor leagues where he could labor for years before making it to the big leagues.
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2017 January 24 - 12:00 am

Election Stunner Aside, Familiar Issues Bedeviled Colleges in 2016

Donald J. Trump barely mentioned higher education on the campaign trail, once talking about the student debt crisis before moving on to calling for opponent Hillary Clinton to be jailed. Clinton, for her part, forwarded detailed proposals and position papers on student debt and college costs.
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2017 January 5 - 12:00 am

Colleges Grapple with Rising Food and Housing Insecurity

For many community college students, the barriers to academic success have little to do with mastering algebra or writing that paper for English class. Sometimes, the hurdles are much more basic: Do they have enough money to buy both books, pay tuition and put food on the table? Where will they sleep tonight?.
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2016 November 24 - 12:00 am

Leaders Fret Over Trump’s Uncertain Education Agenda

President Obama placed the two-year sector at the center of the recovery from the Great Recession and students flooded community college campuses. Jill Biden, the vice president’s wife and a longtime community college professor, provided an unprecedented and ongoing shot of credibility.
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2016 November 3 - 12:00 am

Colleges Focusing On Producing More STEM Grads

it comes to building local workforces with skills in the STEM fields, it pays to start early. So colleges such as San Jacinto College, located in suburban Houston, Texas, have forged partnerships with school districts to bring high school students to campus and send college students into local elementary schools.

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

helps students. College students who enroll in 15 credits in their first semester, and 30 credits a year, accumulate mor... Full Story

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