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2015 December 29 - 12:00 am

Wake Tech Manages Long-Term Growth Even as Enrollment Slows

One in eight adults aged 18 to 65 in fast-growing Wake County, N.C., is enrolled at Wake Tech, he said, underscoring the strong ties the college has forged with the community it serves.
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2015 December 29 - 12:00 am

Recession After-Effects Cause Decline In Enrollment, Graduation Rates

And as enrollment declines, so too are graduation rates, potentially undermining the Obama administration’s top higher education goal: making the United States, by the year 2020, once again the country with the highest percentage of college graduates in the world.
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2015 November 5 - 12:00 am

A Look at Efforts to Confer Associate Degrees to Transfer Students En Route to the Baccalaureate Degree

Reverse transfer policies and programs are spreading across the country as colleges and policymaker look for ways to boost graduation rates and educational attainment. According to the Office of Commu
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2015 November 4 - 12:00 am

Recommends Lifting Restrictions On Cybersecurity Scholarships

2001, the National Science Foundation has administered a program designed to ease the shortage in the federal cybersecurity workforce by offering scholarships to students in return for commitments to work in the federal sector after graduation.
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2015 October 26 - 12:00 am

As Umpqua Community College Recovers, Other Colleges On Edge

Hundreds of people lined the road leading to the rural campus, where 11 days earlier it joined Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and Columbine on the grim roster of deadly school shootings. Town residents waved signs reading “UCC Strong,” a welcome sign of support from a small logging town grown weary of the glare of the national media spotlight.
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2015 October 8 - 12:00 am

Northern Marianas College Weathers Series Of Major Storms

It had survived the most serious sanction — a show cause order — from the same accrediting body that had been threatening to shut down the City College of San Francisco. Northern Marianas College, in fact, had been on one kind of accreditation sanction or another for eight straight years.
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2015 September 13 - 12:00 am

CCWeek Data Underscore Achievement Gaps

This year, the data also underscore a trend that has been apparent, and growing, for decades: the gap between men and women when it comes to earning college degrees.
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2015 August 12 - 12:00 am

Politicians and Policymakers Take Steps to Halt State Disinvestment and its Impact on College Costs.

Over just a few short years, community colleges have ascended to a place that once seemed unimaginable to even a sector once dismissed as higher education’s unwanted stepchild. The colleges have bee
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2015 August 11 - 12:00 am

Universal College Proposal Triggers Broad Discussion on Access, Affordability

When President Obama first proposed making two years of community college free for nearly every American last January, most political pundits immediately dismissed the idea as impossible in a Congress so gridlocked by partisanship that it can’t complete simple tasks, let alone enact a sweeping initiative.
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2015 July 29 - 12:00 am

Reducing the Cost of College for Debt-Burdened Americans

It was back in January when President Obama first proposed making two years of community college free for every American. Almost immediately pundits in Washington dismissed the idea as impossible in a
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2015 July 8 - 12:00 am

Featuring: IMPROVING STEM EDUCATION - Redesigning Math Pathways for Improving Teaching and Learning

 All across the country, community colleges are undertaking commendable efforts to remove a critical barrier to student success. They are redesigning math pathways in ways that hold great poten
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2015 June 10 - 12:00 am

Spokane Community College Reviews Curriculum, Makes Recommendations for a Technical Education Program for Afghanistan

Call it distance education of a different sort. Earlier this month, Steve Wilson, a biomedical engineering professor at Spokane Community College, climbed aboard a plane bound for Kabul, Afghanistan
2015 March 5 - 12:00 am

Governor's Plan Seeks to Put State on Track to become the National Leader in Developing Talent

No state evokes America’s once-mighty industrial past like Michigan, a state and economy built on the automobile industry and the skilled craftsmen who build the cars in vast factories and assemb
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2015 February 4 - 12:00 am

These young people, who pursue but do not complete their higher education, are the new forgotten half

In 1988, the William T. Grant Foundation issued a report on what it termed “The Forgotten Half,” the high school graduates who never went on to college. The report found that while the nation wa
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2015 January 19 - 12:00 am

Higher Ed Leaders Weigh in on President Obama's Proposal for Free Community College

Mindful of the potential political obstacles, Obama administration officials said they wanted to start a conversation about higher education when they announced an initiative that would guarantee f

Advocates Say Full Academic Load Is Key to On-Time Graduation

helps students. College students who enroll in 15 credits in their first semester, and 30 credits a year, accumulate mor... Full Story

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League Leads Effort To Embed Colleges In Public Health Education

Community colleges long ago cemented their place as a central and critical contributor to the country’s health care wo... Full Story